Product Spotlight: EcoSmart Fire: Modern BioFuel Fireplaces

We are really excited about this product line because it is very green, extremely useful both indoors and outdoors, and comes in a lot of styles. Here are some of the features and benefits:

Clean Emissions

These EcoSmart™ Fireplaces burn clean. Bioethanol fuel is completely composed of biological products. The combustion of bio ethanol results in a clean emission: Heat, Steam and Carbon Dioxide. For people with asthma and other respiratory concerns who previously couldn't have wood burning fireplaces and firepits this opens up a lot of great possibilities.

Bioethanol - or simply 'ethanol' is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products - mainly sugarcane and crops like grain, using yeast. It is also made from corn, potatoes, milk, rice, beetroot and recently grapes, banana and dates depending on the countries agricultural strength.

Easy to Install

EcoSmart™ Fireplaces are designed to be easy to operate and easy to install. Without the need for a flue or pipe connection, EcoSmart™ Fires are extremely flexible and can be incorporated at any stage of your interior decorating, renovating or building works. The fireplaces cannot be installed in bathrooms and require the right clearance but otherwise can be installed almost anywhere. They even have  a freestanding model!


Outdoor Models!

EcoSmart portable fireplaces are versatile, incredibly durable, and are constructed of heavy-gauge glass and weather resistant materials. These outdoor fireplaces are designed to look great for years, and will perform admirably through all four seasons. You'll add a touch of class to your space with an EcoSmart fireplace.

Learn more on the EcoSmart website