The Corner Spot: Ashland

GMT Home Designs was asked to create some renderings for this wonderfully unique community destination in Ashland Ma.- The Corner Spot- Ashland.

The Corner Sport is a place in downtown Ashland where businesses can test-drive their market and residents can come together. The Corner Spot is intended to stimulate economic activity, attract new developers and business owners, and increase foot traffic downtown to help support existing and future business.

The Corner Spot will be located at 6 Cherry Street and will serve as the home for new businesses to "pop up" every 4-6 weeks, allowing residents to enjoy a variety of potential additions to the Ashland business community.

Even more than a business opportunity, The Corner Spot will serve as:

  • a downtown destination
  • the place to catch up on town news
  • see a movie on a summer night
  • have a business meeting 
  • connect with a friend

It is a place that will always have something for children and will be a safe and comfortable environment to sit, relax and enjoy the sounds of the town. It will become a destination worth walking to and a place people can meet.

The Corner Spot can bring new life into our downtown incorporating outdoor seating, tables, chairs and a place and give us a bright glimpse of what is possible for the future of Ashland.

We are excited to be involved. You can view some of our design renderings for the Corner Spot on our Pinterest board.