GMT Home Designs chosen to design new energy-efficient homes in Ashland

Download Services for ContractorsClick here to view a sample plan for The Preserve at Oregon Road

Located in Ashland ma, near the Ashland town forest, The Preserve at Oregon Road provides a unique opportunity for those interested in sustainable living and an engaged lifestyle. We could not be happier to be designing this state-of-the-art residential green homes development.

"Net zero" homes produce as much energy as they consume. Houses at the Preserve at Oregon Road are designed to use much less energy than comparably-sized new-construction homes while also producing solar energy. While designed to maximize energy efficiency, these homes are also designed to reflect the traditional farm-house style New England home, fitting seamlessly into the surrounding area.

Green construction is growing steadily in the United States. “In 2011, green construction was about a 17 percent share of the overall (home building) market, and that’s up from less than 2 percent just a few years ago,” said Kevin Morrow, senior Green Homes Program manager at the National Association of Home Builders.

GMT Home Designs was chosen for The Preserve among several potential architectural firms because of our 3D rendering capabilities, our high level of communication, our ability to collaborate, as well as our commitment to meet the needs and desires of the developer for this project. Our 3D modeling and architectural rendering service will allow developers and potential buyers to see the home and the area with photo realism before it is built. Our 3D models are designed to scale so we can produce dimensioned drawings during the design process. We can even custom match building materials and paint accents based on project specifications. This way you can see how an area will look with different combinations. We will then design alternate solutions, render them in 3D, and show you the different concepts side by side.

We are truly excited about this project and the value it has for Massachusetts homeowners. This is the beginning of a wave of green building that will continue to grow in the Bay State and across the country.