Featured Project: Whole House Remodel

The existing 1979 home was a 9,600 square foot single-family residence sitting on a magnificent 11-acre property in Framingham Massachusetts.
This 11-acre parcel sits between a horse farm, dairy farm, and is adjacent to over 800 acres of state forest and conservation land with numerous trails for riding and x-country skiing. Access the property down an elegant tree lined private drive from the main road. The smooth, open land gently slopes towards a 1 acre spring-fed pond and encompasses horse paddocks, open lawns, mature shrubs and ornamental trees.

The home was a hodge podge of styles including Spanish style, Floridian architecture and some Italian elements including arches and exterior stonework. The lack of unity and design gave the structure a dated and almost rundown appearance.

The Existing Home

Our Design Solution
The owners requested we give the house a very clear style of architecture, a consistent and unified look. Based on where the house sat on this gorgeous property, we felt a prairie style of architecture was the call of the hour. We presented a design that incorporated the prairie style and the owners loved it!
Elements of the prairie style included –

  • Low-pitched roof
  • Overhanging eaves
  • Strong Horizontal lines
  • Central chimney
  • Open floor plan
  • Clerestory windows
  • House is very well grounded to the existing property
  • Prairie style windows – Anderson 400 series windows with prairie style grilles
  • Natural harmonious paint and colors
  • Fixtures reflected the design style of the prairie home

The result was a major transformation that not only created a natural fit with the surrounding landscape, but also created a beautiful light filled home with clear and unified style.

3D Renderings Really Make the Difference for Our Clients
Looking at a picture of the existing home it is hard to envision the transformation. However using Chief Architect software we are able to plan, design, and long before the construction begins, our clients can SEE the details of our designs like never before.

Furthermore, the program we use is complete with materials lists. Options are at our fingertips. Cost estimating is faster and more accurate. Saving time and money.

Overall, this accelerates the design and construction phases, so our clients are celebrating and living in their completed project as soon as possible.