Architectural design in home remodeling for truly unique and beautiful spaces

"Turn your house into your dream home." How many times have you heard that phrase?

Probably a lot. Here's the great thing: You may already have fantastic ideas in mind – AND you may be able to improve that vision even more with the help of architectural design.

Architects spend a lot of time thinking about how to maximize space, elegance and functionality. And they get to see many, many different ideas applied in many different settings.

It's not just a matter of being creative – there are also practical considerations. Which walls are load-bearing? What areas hide underutilized space that could be used for storage or other purposes?

Following are some ideas that are both inspired and practical. Contact us for a look at your home and the hidden possibilities that architectural design can provide!

Under Stair Spaces

Often space under stairs is underutilized.  However the most effective way to use space really depends on your lifestyle, the context of the space,  and the contiguous spaces. An architectural designer can help you evaluate a space for craft supplies, office supplies or storing items that tend to clutter and entry, all the while keeping in mind site-lines to the adjacent spaces in the home.

The use of space really depends first on your needs and desires and then on the structural requirements. An Architect or architectural designer can show you 3D renderings that can help you evaluate your options before remodeling.

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Feature Walls

It is common to have clients say to us that they want something beautiful, that particular spaces are a sanctuary. Many times this is the master bedroom or bath but sometimes this could mean a library or lounge. Feature walls allow you to create a dramatic effect, enhance a space by taking advantage of  the height or volume of a space or even  maximize your enjoyment of a favorite piece of art.

It can be as simple as paint


Or as dramatic as ceramic sculptural panels

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Indoor/outdoor space

The best indoor outdoor spaces create a sense of continuity, while enhancing function and aesthetics.

Indoor outdoor kitchens can be functional and beautiful entertaining spaces. 

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Home Office and Work Spaces

Re-use of space requires a little creativity but can have amazing results.


Small spaces can be highly functional and beautiful when properly planned. 

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Hidden Rooms

Hidden rooms can be so much fun and come in lots of forms.  Sometimes called a Murphy Door this classic bookcase door can hide a man cave or media room. This is a hidden reading nook for a childs room.


Or a hidden wine cellar in the kitchen floor….

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Creating dream spaces doesn’t have to be a budget buster. The key is careful planning and working with a  professional who is trained to evaluate the space and deliver the best balance between budget, function and aesthetics. Thinking about a remodel? Take the time to plan and talk to an Architect or designer.