3D Renderings for Kitchen Design:

As the holidays come around many people think about creating a more entertainment friendly kitchen. More seating, open concept, better traffic flow, more storage and preparation space, these are some of the most common items our clients want to consider when remodeling their kitchen.

3D renderings and photo-realistic visualizations of a finished project are a core part of what we do at GMT Home Designs. There are many benefits to 3D renderings for our clients and for us as a design build firm but probably the greatest benefit is the confidence our clients have in their decisions before work even begins!


Take out the guesswork!

Sometimes a client will be unsure of what they want and what is possible. Do you like modernclassic, traditional, cottage — some sub-style in between? Do you want a white kitchen, a natural wood kitchen, or do you want some color? What about flooring? 

3D renderings can show exact details of a space including realistic views of cabinets, kitchen islands, and appliances. We can change styles, colors, and countertops to give you the opportunity to see the “what if” so you can be confident.


kitchen rendering


The best laid plans…

3D renderings also reduce the need for changes once construction begins. This point cannot be stressed enough. Probably the most common factor in cost overruns is changes that are requested after construction has begun. At that point measurements have been made and materials purchased so changes can have a real impact. 3D renderings are not just pretty pictures they are built on accurate line drawings of the space so we know what you’re seeing is what you will get. 


cross section 3d kitchen rendering


Maximizing the budget

Often we will work with a client who has a strong sense of what they want in terms of style, function etc. but they realize that in sticking to their budget they may not be able to get everything they want. Visualizing the experience of living in the space often inspires creativity that maximizes the budget and achieves the project goals while keeping expectations clear and transparent.

Working with unique spaces.

Sometimes structural elements like plumbing, soffits, wall supports and electrical can create a challenge in terms of design. We are able to view a space in multiple ways including overhead, and cross-sections to ensure even details like lighting are considered and there are no surprises.


dollhouse view

There are so many advantages for quality, accuracy and budget in using 3d renderings for remodeling your kitchen and home. Contact us to learn more or visit us online at gmthomedesigns.com, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.